So, I was thinking about what I should write first. And since I just today watched Suicide Squad extended cut for the first time, I thought “hey, let’s do a quick review of the entire DCEU so far”. First I’ll do short reviews for each movie, then an overall of the movies so far and lastly what to expect in the future.

Man Of Steel (2013)
This was a good movie, not great, but good. I’m not the biggest fan of Superman. I mean, I like him a lot, but there are several other superheroes I like more. But this was, for me, the first Superman movie, where we got to see proper origins for him, badass action scenes and what’s it like for him, being an alien on Earth, but still having human parents who he actually cares about. Henry Cavill also is, for me, the perfect Superman/Clark Kent. Overall it was a strong start for DCEU, but so far it’s my least favourite DCEU movie.


I’m not your enemy.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) – Extended Cut
The first thing to say, my only big issue with this movie, is: Batman kills in this movie. I hate it every time in any media, when Batman kills someone. With that being said, this movie is one of the best new movies I’ve seen in last 3-4 years. Ben Affleck as Batman is phenomenal, his fighting is the best ever in live-action, his Bruce Wayne is also very good. Henry Cavill maintained his level of performance from the Man Of Steel. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is probably one of the three best things in this movie, even though her screen time was very limited, she was still able to put on the second best performance (after Affleck) in this movie. The plot was really good, I enjoyed every second of it. There could have been more action, but the plot and acting was so good that it was in a way good to have lesser action. This was the point where the DCEU screamed “Hey! We’re gonna do something fucking amazing with these movies!!”


The bell cannot be unrung.

Suicide Squad (2016) 
– Extended Cut
What can I even say about this movie, it was absolutely phenomenal. The best movie this year, among the top 2 movies of this decade. Everything was great, the plot, the action, the acting. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, all absolutely perfect castings. I loved Jared Leto’s Joker too, it’s not as good as Ledger, but it’s the next best live-action Joker. Mr J was so fucking terryfying. I mean if I bumped into any other live-action Joker in the street, I’d be like “Heeeeey Joker what’s up bro?”, but if it was Leto’s Joker, I’d run and cry before he even says anything. His whole presence is so scary and amaizing that you just got to love him. Also to say little more about Margot’s Harley: this is the best version of Harley ever, in any media. Every Harley so far, has had their good sides, but also flaws. Margot’s Harley is just perfect, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t find any flaws in her. As much as I love BvS, this is, by far, the best movie in DCEU so far.


What a ride!

It has been a really strong start to the DCEU, with almost every casting choice done perfectly. Lot of people, especially critics, have been really hard on the movies so far. As much as I personally love the movies, I it is kind of justified in some cases. There are a lot of stuff in the last two movies, where if you haven’t read the comics, watched all the other movies, played the games etc, you can’t get as much out of them as someone who’s seen all Batman and Superman movies, read a lot of comics etc. But, as they are comic book movies, they should be made in the way that there is a lot more stuff for the hardcore fans to get excited about. You can’t expect to go to see the Suicide Squad movie without knowing anything about the characters or the Suicide Squad and think that the film would be able to introduce you perfectly to every character and everything that’s going on in the movie. Keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing so far with DCEU, the movies have been great so far and you don’t need to fix it if it’s not broken.


For me the future looks very bright for the DCEU. With Wonder Woman and Justice League coming to theatres next year, there is a lot to look forward to. Also Batman solo movie, The Flash and Gotham City Sirens are surely going to be one of the best ones of the future films. We’ve only seen glimpses of what Ezra Miller’s version of Flash is going to be like, but I’ve loved every second of him. And I believe that Batman isn’t going to kill anyone anymore in the DCEU, Affleck’s Batman is going to become even better in JL and Batman movies. I’ll explain in another post later, why I believe that Batman is done killing, but that belief is based on few dialogues in BvS.


One of the most anticipated movies of next year


Can’t wait to see this trio together on the big screen


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