Suicide Sqaud Game Cancelled, WB Focusing On Batman Game


Yesterday Kotaku reported that their sources say that after a year of turbulence, WB Montreal has cancelled the long rumoured Suicide Squad game, and are now focusing mainly on the Damian Wayne Batman game.

Kotaku’s sources say that the game had been in development for two years, but the executives at Warner Bros Montreal have decided to axe the game earlier this month. There have been a lot of leaks to suggest that this game is real, it has been said to be Borderlands-esque co-op game. We’ve also seen the Suicide Squad teased in the ending of Batman: Arkham Origins, which is developed by WB Montreal. But now it appears they have decided to cancel the project and focus on other things.

The other things being the heavily rumoured Damian Wayne Batman game. Set in some time in the future and you play as Bruce’s son Damian Wayne, who is being mentored by Bruce to become the Batman. It has been leaked that villains will include Poison Ivy, female Black Mask and the Judge, who the third identity to Harvey Dent/Two-Face. The game is being said to take place over multiple days (and nights) and Damian has a Batbike. The game might take place in the Arkhamverse sometime after Arkham Knight, but it could also be set in entirely different universe. We originally heard that it would be revealed at the beginning of December, but given the studio shakeup, it’s not surprising that they haven’t announced it yet. Warner Bros Montreal have not yet commented on these rumours.


Damian Wayne as Robin in Son Of Batman



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