Rumor: Next Assassin’s Creed Game Coming To Nintendo Switch


While this is already a few days old rumor, I feel like many people have missed this. Last week we heard rumors that the next Assassin’s Creed game might not only be available on the upcoming Nintendo Switch, but also it will be available on Switch the same day as on PS4 and Xbox One.

This rumor should please Nintendo players very much, since there has been only two main AC titles on Nintendo: AC3 in 2012 and Black Flag in 2013, both on Wii U.

Whilst this is just a rumor now, journalist Lara Kate Dale, who is responsible for several leaks, backed this up on Twitter.


Next Assassin’s Creed game is heavily rumoured to be set in ancient Egypt and while Ubisoft has not confirmed this either, they’ve said that the next AC game will be “less scripted”. Since many fans have complained that the series last titles haven’t progressed the story in any way and that the series has grown stale, introducing the series back on Nintendo could attract new players to the franchise and doing big changes to how the franchise does things could also be a welcome change for many fans.

Then again many have voiced their concerns about the fact that, despite the reports, we do not actually know whether or not the Nintendo Switch will be able to measure up to power of PS4 and Xbox One. And if next AC game will be released on Switch, will the game be held back if Switch isn’t capable of same things as current gen of consoles, or will they do the smart thing and make a “reduced” version of game on Switch.

Also what has concerned some fans (myself included), is that Ubisoft said that game will be less scripted. For a franchise so heavily based on great stories in historical settings, making the game less scripted isn’t necessarily (most likely) a good thing. This could mean a lot of things of course, but Ubisoft doesn’t have the greatest history of pleasing fans with the changes they make with Assassin’s Creed…


Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith


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