Arkham Asylum In Justice League Confirmed?


Looks like we’re going to see the iconic Arkham Asylum in this year’s Justice League movie

A recent update to the Justice League IMDb page included few new characters, but the ones that caught my eye were Bruce Johnson and Daniel Eghan as Arkham Guards 1 & 2.


While this doesn’t 100% confirm that we will see Arkham Asylum in Justice League, it is a pretty clear hint towards it.

This will most likely have something to do with Lex Luthor, who was sent to Arkham by Batman at the end on Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But it could very well be something entirely different. Could we possibly see cameos by iconic Batman villains such as Poison Ivy, who has been confirmed in the DCEU for the Gotham City Sirens movie, or could we even see the Joker and Harley Quinn in the Asylum?

This also raises the question of what kind of desing should Arkham Asylum have in the DCEU. Should it be something like in the Arkham games, or like it is in Gotham series, or something completely different?


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