Lucasfilm Meeting Next Week, Discussing Leia’s Future


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Trevorrow, the director of Episode IX, is meeting with Kathleen Kennedy next week to discuss the future of Princess Leia after Carrie Fisher’s death. Fisher had finished the Episode VIII shootings, but Leia was supposed to appear in Episode IX too. Now the directors of both episodes and the story group have to decide how to handle Leia’s future in Star Wars. However, unlike in other cases where actors died during the filmmaking process, it appears that the team has time to explore possible solutions.

Leia’s scenes could be re-shot or the character could be written out, options not unheard of in the Star Wars universe. Another possible option is to use CGI and have Leia appearing in Episode IX, possibly in a cameo-like role.

Michael Fink, Oscar-winning VFX-supervisor says “I have no doubt, given some of the recent work I’ve seen, there are filmmakers who will be willing to take up the challenge. So far, we have seen moments of success but not full performances.” But then goes onto saying “Should we create additional roles for Princess Leia? I don’t think so.”

The rest of this post contains spoilers/possible spoilers for Episode VIII


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leia was set to have at least two key scenes in Episode VIII: Leia reuniting with her brother, Luke Skywalker, and a confrontation with her son, Kylo Ren. Details of these scenes remain unclear, but The Hollywood Reporter’s insiders say that Leia was supposed to have a bigger role in Episode IX than in Episode VIII.



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