Which Joker Influences Gotham’s Jerome/Joker Most According To Cameron Monaghan

They haven’t really called him “the Joker” yet. But with Jerome returning to full effect in tonight’s episode of Gotham, no-one is going to deny that he will eventually become the Joker.

Many fans have fallen in love with Cameron Monaghan’s potrayal of the character, and now the actor has told which version iconic villain has influenced him character most.

“There was never a moment where I was intentionally cribbing from another actor,” Monaghan told ComicBook.com “More so, I grew up watching other actors design the character of The Joker to me and obviously the part was paying tribute to The Joker, and so I wanted to you know perform it to the best of my abilities in a way that it seemed to be paying homage to the character.”

“If anyone was to inspire my performance, it would be Mark Hamill’s animated Joker, which I think I might have mentioned to you before but his portrayal was the only one that I felt comfortable at all taking anything from, and that’s because there was going to be such a difference in translating from animated to live action. The majority of my inspiration, when possible, came from the comic books themselves.”

The actor found that as he continued to get to know the character, the writers did, and got to know his portrayal. That all resulted in “Jerome being able to find his own characterization in the scripts and also through my performance.”

Monaghan said that this season he got to really break away from the heavy influence in writing, which allowed him more freedom and better connection with the character.

“We get to do a lot of stuff with him that has never really been done with a live action version of the Joker before, so we were able to have some real fun with him this time around.”


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