Next Batman Arkham Game Announcement Coming Soon?


We’ve heard a lot of rumors that Warner Bros Montreal is developing a new Batman game. There has been many leaks from several different sources regarding the game and characters we could see in it. Also, at the end of last year it was reported that WB has cancelled the unannounced Suicide Squad game and they will shift focus on a Damien Wayne Batman game.

Now IGN France has tweeted out image which suggests that we are going to get an announcement for the game, as early as March 8th!


While the picture doesn’t clearly say that it’s the Batman game we’ve heard about, it has many similarities to the theme and logo of Batman Arkham Origins, which was also developed by WB Montreal back in 2013.

The picture has same kind of dark, shady background to pretty much every Arkham game so far, the text is in same color as in the logo of Arkham Origins. The whole picture just looks very Batman-like.

We’ve also recently heard that the game could be called ‘Batman Arkham Apocalypse’, but the title could very well be changed before the announcement.

Save the date, March 8th 2017!


2 thoughts on “Next Batman Arkham Game Announcement Coming Soon?

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