Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Have A Single Player Campaign


Star Wars Battlefront was released back in 2015, just before The Force Awakens hit theatres. While the game looks absolutely beautiful and gameplay is a ton of fun, many fans have complained about the fact that the game doesn’t have a single player campaign. With only single player game modes being survival, skirmish and those battles against AI, the game certainly lacks in the biggest area of video games. But that is going to change with Star Wars Battlefront 2, which will come out later this year.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed that the game will come out on holiday season of 2017, so it will once again be released around the same time as the next episode of the Star Wars saga. He also confirmed that fans’ requests have been heard and the game will have a single player campaign.

Another thing that the first game was lacking was that it only featured content from the original trilogy, aside from that one Rogue One DLC. Now that wish of the fans will also be granted: Battlefront 2 will have content from multiple Star Wars eras.  Wilson also said the sequel will be even bigger than the 2015 game, featuring more locations and hero characters.



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