Chris McKay Reveals What Kind Of Movie The Nightwing Will Be


Few days ago, it was announced that Lego Batman director Chris McKay will direct a Nightwing solo movie.

McKay has officially promised that the movie will be “as engaging and compelling as Dick Grayson’s comic book stories,” with the director continuing to explain that he wants to create a “really interesting, intriguing, action-packed character movie.”

Of course, at this point, there is not much known about the movie, even by the director. “There’s not much I can talk about the movie. I don’t even have a contract. Anything can happen,” McKay said.

Nightwing is a fan-favourite character, and many fans have been waiting on the day when we’re going to see Dick Grayson on the big screen – after he’s stepped out of the shadow of Batman and become Nightwing.



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