New Darth Vader Comic Book Series Coming In June

Marvel announced a new ongoing Darth Vader comic book series today.

Coming in June, the series will pick up seconds afrer Revenge of the Sith ended, with Vader and Emperor watching the construction of the Death Star. 

Series will be written by Charles Soule and pictured by Guiseppe Camoncoli. And it is said to be “the chronicle of Anakin Skywalker’s first days as Darth Vader.”

Fans will, among other things, see how Darth Vader built his red lightsaber. Also on the list of things we are seeing are Vader hunting down the last surviving Jedi and the beginnings of the Inquisitor program. 

Soule described the series as “Darth Vader year one,” referring to another famous comic book series, Batman Year One. 

For more details on the series and Soule’s thoughts see the article on Star Wars‘s website.


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