Talia Al-Ghul’s Motives According To Lexa Doig


Arrow introduced the last big member of the Ra’s al-Ghul’s family in season 5 flashbacks with Talia being introduced to the show. However, Arrow’s version of Bruce Wayne’s occasional love-interest is noticeably different from her comic book counterpart. And she doesn’t seem loyal to her father at all. And now that Talia is set to appear in the present day too, instead of just flashbacks, actress Lexa Doig has given her opinion on where she stands in the good-evil scale.

“The thing about Talia is I don’t think she is good or evil, she kind of sits in the middle somewhere and she is sort of more out for whatever it is that she wants; so if there is something that she wants to accomplish where the end effect is good, yay,” Doig told Cinemablend“If the end effect is not so good, well, boo-hoo for everybody but Talia.”

So far, Talia has helped Oliver to transform from Bratva thug into Starling City vigilante, in season 5 flashbacks.When  asked if Talia had any connections to the Bratva that we hadn’t learned yet, she answered:

“She is on a mission to find Oliver, and so it is not difficult to figure out what Oliver’s current mission is for himself, so her attitude is, ‘it’s fine. I’ll help you accomplish this mission but then you’ve got to talk to me.’ She’s got a bigger long game. She’s got a long game with Oliver that this is just one step in it… I think it is more like she’s helping Oliver with his agenda because she wants him to do something for her eventually.”


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