Assassin’s Creed Empire Retailer Leak + Release Date?


I know, I know. AC Empire has supposedly leaked at least 472 times already. But since there is not much other news about Assassin’s Creed right now, and this time it’s apparently getting ready for sale on TWO different retailers, I thought this could be one of those that are worth my time.

Swiss online store, World of Games, has put AC Empire on their website with a price of 79 Swiss frangs and with a release date saying “October 2017”, they did not have a cover art however.

A couple of hours later CDON listed Empire on their website, without cover art, without release date and a price of 62.95€.

The fact that two different retailers have now listed AC Empire on their website, adds a lot to the credibility of this.

A similar thing happened with Shadow of War recently. First there was a retailer leak, and then we got an announcement few days later. This leads me to believe that we could get an announcement from Ubisoft in few days, if the game is even real. Or at least this could tempt them to give us at least some kind of hint about their new game, considering that they haven’t even said it’s set in ancient Egypt. Everybody is just assuming it is based on earlier leaks.

However, remember that this is only a LEAK, and it hasn’t been confirmed in any way by Ubisoft!
Edit: CDON leak added


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