Leak: Assassin’s Creed Empire – Protagonist, Time Period, Story And More

So, we could have some new information about Assassin’s Creed Empire, after yesterday’s retailer leaks.

The most important thing here is that players would be playing as a distant ancestor of Altaïr Ibn La Ahad, who was the protagonist of the first Assassin’s Creed. And that game would be set in Egypt. Since we would be playing as Altaïr’s distant ancestor, the game would have to be set at least several hundred years before AC1.

But the fact that they don’t have a name for the protagonist, kind of makes me believe that this might be fake. Also, I haven’t been able to find this information on any other website. Where as yesterday’s retailer leaks were first on two big websites, and later Empire was listed on many other websites too.

This was posted on Polish site GRY online. I have no idea on how credible this site is, so none of this might be true. But after yesterday’s leaks I thought this would be a good one to share, since there is quite a lot of information about the game. Also the original site is in polish, so I used Google Translate to translate it and there might be some errors in translation.

Site initially says that:

The next full-fledged edition of the bestselling series Assassin’s Creed, which is a sort of prequel to the entire series and carrying the players furthest by far the times of ancient Egypt. During the game takes on the form of a slave, which is a distant ancestor Altair – the hero of the first Assassin’s Creed.
The site continues with more information

Assassin’s Creed: Empire is another full-fledged edition that began a decade earlier best-selling series of action adventure, talking about the age-old rivalry orders Assassins and the TemplarsAfter a couple of epic adventures, unfolding chronologically in the era of the Crusades, the Italian Renaissance, the American War of Independence, the golden age of piracy, the French Revolution and the Victorian era, this time go back into the distant past – because up to the time of ancient Egypt. Another part of the epic saga of the company’s internal studio Ubisoft produced a company based in Montreal – the team, the core of which are the people responsible, among others, for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag .


In terms of feature, Assassin’s Creed: Empire is a sort of prequel to the entire series, moving players najdodleglejsze has times of ancient Egypt, so the period long before the events manifest in the previous parts of the series. During the game takes on the form of a slave with a slightly darker skin, which is a distant ancestor Altair – the hero of the first Assassin’s Creed . Thanks to the rear of the shares in the relatively poorly documented historical period, the whole building has and probably the largest (in comparison to the previous views of the cycle) the freedom to shape the story.


General foundations of gameplay in Assassin’s Creed: Empire do not differ significantly from the solutions known from previous series of hits – so still we are dealing with a game primarily adventure, in which the action sequences and carefully planned assassinations are only used to supplement the proper game , set to explore and perform the following tasks. The whole course was adapted to quite a new cycle realities, so the game is back, including the ability to move on grzebietach mounts, whether traveling by boat. Disputes emphasis also to diversify the mechanics of combat and player progress and development of controlled form.

After this many leaks in two days, I would say that it is a pretty safe bet to say that Ubisoft will release some sort of statement about these leaks, in the next few days/weaks. Or they could even announce the game in few days, who knows.

But keep in mind that this HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED BY UBISOFT in any way yet. And I don’t know anything about GRY, so this could be just another fake leak, hoping to get some air under it after those retailer leaks. 

We will have to wait and see if this turns out to be true or not.


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