Han Solo Movie Will Span Six Years.


Disney CEO Bon Iger recently answered some interesting questions about the Han Solo spin-off film.


Now this is very interesting, because this is the first time that a Star Wars movie has covered such a long period of time. This leaves a LOT of room for character development. Could Iger hint that Han’s real name might not be Han Solo? Or is “getting his name” only referring to him making a name for himself as a smuggler? We’ll have to wait little over a year to find out. But I think Han Solo is his real name, it has to be, right?! Also seeing Millenium Falcon and Han’s first meeting with Chewbacca is very good fan service. I mean, I’m sure it’s important for the story too, but it is really good fan service too.

The untitled Han Solo movie is set to come out May 25th 2018.


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