Batman’s Latest Justice League Suit Looks Like One From An Animated Series


We have seen a lot of new images from the Justice League members in past few days. After tomorrow’s trailer, I will make a post where a collecting all of the new photos and the most important things from the trailer. But Batman’s new suit was just too good not to point out straight away.


Not only does this look absolutely fucking beautiful, it has much in common from the Batsuit in the Justice League cartoon.


Affleck’s new batsuit has a similar black and silver feel as the one from 2003 Justice League episode Justice Lords.

Now of course there are a lot of differences in these two, but for me, the new suit looks like the “realistic version” of the 2003’s Justice Lords suit. And even if you don’t see the similarities, you have to admit that the new suit is just stunningly beautiful!

Justice League is coming to theaters on November 17th.


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