Batgirl Stand-Alone Movie In The Works

Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl will make her live-action debut and she will have her own stand-alone movie in the DCEU!

Variety reported that Josh Whedon will direct, write and produce the untitled Batgirl solo movie. The movie has been planned for the past month and Toby Emmeirch will oversee the project with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

The movie will also feature other, yet unknown, characters from Gotham.

Batgirl is one of the world’s most popular superheroines, but shockingly Barbara Gordon has never appeared in live-action. Batgirl appeared in the nightmare called Batman & Robin back in 1997, but she wasn’t Barbara Gordon, Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl was Barbara Wilson.

Batgirl is the third Bat-family member to get her own movie in the DCEU. Outside the obvious choice, Batman, Nightwing will also get his own movie in the future.

There is no word yet, on when the movie will come out or who will star in it.


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