Lucasfilm’s Plans After Episode IX


StarWarsNewsNet recently posted an article about Lucasfilm’s plans for the future of Star Wars.

After Episode IX we are going to see three stand-alone movies. Obi-Wan movie, Boba Fett & The Bounty Hunters and The Fault In Our Star Wars

Out of the three projects the Obi-Wan movie is the least surprising. It has been rumored for a long time and Ewan McGregor has said that he’d be up for it, if Lucasfilm is going to do it. The article is also saying that Rogue One director Garreth Edwards would be directing it and that we would get an announcement for the movie in Star Wars Celebration Orlando.


Boba Fett movie has also been rumored for a long time, but they are calling it Boba Fett & The Bounty Hunters, meaning that the movie won’t focus solely on Boba Fett. According to the article, the movie was almost announced at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, two years ago. They’re saying that the movie will not be an origin story, it will not be strictly a Boba Fett movie, but a film ensembling bounty hunters on an adventure, and that Boba will not be the central character, but just one important component of the movie.


The Fault In Our Star Wars is without a doubt the most surprising one on the list. It is said to be a young adult story. The movie would rather be a tragedy than a love-story.


After these three, Lucasfilm would have a small hiatus on Star Wars movies, and they will be focusing on Star Wars on TV for few years. They have a new TV-series in plans and they will be focusing on it. But they have a reason for this. Lucasfilm wants to “starve the market for Star Wars movies” for some time before the fourth trilogy of Star Wars saga!

Even though StarWarsNewsNet is usually quite reliable source, take all of this with a grain of salt.


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