Is Lindsey Morgan Teasing That She Will Play Batgirl?


Since we first got the news that a Batgirl movie is coming, fans have speculated about who will play the fan-favourite superheroine. The likes of Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick and Emma Watson have been talked about a lot.

But there is someone who hasn’t been talked about that much. And she’s been teasing us on Twitter since March. Her name is Lindsey Morgan.

In the middle of March she tweeted about a new project that she’s excited about, but she didn’t tell anything about the project.


And ever since we heard the news about the Batgirl movie, Morgan has retweeted pretty much every new article about the movie, along with one’s speculating on if she’s playing Barbara Gordon in the movie.



Morgan currently stars in The CW’s post-apocalyptic series The 100.

Is she hinting at something here, or does she just happen to be a very passionate Batgirl-fan?


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