Prison Break Season 5 Starts Tomorrow, Everything You Need To Know


Prison Break returns tomorrow, after 8 years. And in this post I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the series, and everything we know about season 5 so far. So, there will be spoilers for seasons 1-4, and a few minor spoilers for season 5.

Also remember to check this page after each episode, I will review each episode on Wednesdays, as the new episodes air on Tuesdays.


Story this far:

At the beginning of season 1, Lincoln Burrows was set to be executed for a crime he did not commit. His brother Michael Scofield, a brilliant structural-engineer, did what any sane person would do in his situation. He robbed a bank to get himself locked up in the same prison where his brother was, and set in motion his elaborate plan to break Linc out. Michael had covered his whole upper body with tattoos, and hidden under the tattoos were the blueprints of the Fox River state penitentiary. With the help of few other inmates; Sucre, John Abruzzi, C-Note, Tweener and T-Bag and Haywire, who forced themselves along, the brothers started working on their escape. After igniting a romantic relationship with Dr. Sara Tancredi, Michael asked Sara to leave the door to her office open for the crew to escape through there.

In the second season the notorious Fox River Eight were hunted by the FBI with Alexander Mahone leading the hunt, as well as former Fox River guard Brad Bellick. Mahone is later revealed to be working for The Company, a conspiracy reaching all the way to the White House. And The Company wants the eight escapees dead. All escapees go on their separate paths, but they all end up hunting the gold Charles Westmoreland mentioned back in Fox River. While Mahone manages to kill Tweener and Haywire, Sara goes back to using heroin in Illinois. After Michael contacts Sara, the brothers start to plan their escape to Panama. The brothers make it to Panama, but Michael, Mahone, T-Bag and Bellick are captured by Panamanian authorities and imprisoned in Sona.

In season three, Lincoln decides that it’s his turn to break his brother out. But The Company comes back to make things more difficult when Gretchen Morgan kidnaps Sara and Linc’s son, LJ. The Company wants Michael to break James Whistler, a member of the Company, out of Sona.  Gretchen later kills Sara. With the help from Linc and Sucre, Michael eventually succeeds to break out of Sona with Whistler, Mahone and another inmate, Luis. But they leave Bellick and T-Bag behind. Michael is left to seek revenge for Sara.

Season four sees the brothers, Sucre, Mahone and Bellick being hired by government agent Don Self to steal Scylla, the Company’s black book, which is later revealed to be much more than just a black book. Sara is revealed to be alive. Bellick sacrifices himself to help the others steal Scylla. Self is revealed to be a double agent looking to sell Scylla to highest bidder. Michael’s mother, Christina, is also revealed to be alive and working for The Company. Linc starts working for the company to buy his brother’s safety after Michael gets sick and needs to be operated by The Company.  Christina reveals that Linc is adopted and not related to Michael, but this doesn’t change anything between the brothers. The brothers eventually take down The Company and it’s leader General. Sara kills Christina. Sara gets arrested for Christina’s murder, and the brothers, along with Sucre and Mahone break her out. Michael sacrifices himself to help Sara escape. As Sara and Linc escape on a boat, they watch a DVD of Michael explaining that he would have died to his illness shortly, if he wouldn’t have sacrificed himself. In the final moments of the series we see Linc, Mahone and Sara with her and Michael’s son visiting Michael’s grave.


Season 5:

Seven years later, information delivered by none other than T-Bag, reveals Michael to be alive in a Jemen Prison. Linc and Sara have a hard time believing it at first, but they decide to go to Jemen and see for themselves. Sucre and C-Note join them to help to break Michael out. The stakes are higher than ever, not only that they have to break Michael out of prison, but also out of the whole country, a war zone, after that. Everything around them is a possible threat and they don’t know who to trust.


Character Catch-Up

Michael Scofield

His time in prison (or prisons should I say), has changed him. He is a master manipulator, but he still has a good heart. His hands are dirty at this point of the story, and he has somewhat of a inner conflict on if he can still call himself a good man, after everything he’s done. Michael also has a new set of tattoos in his hands, and they are once again pivotal to the story in some way.


Sara Tancredi

She is completely different person from who she was at the beginning of the show, after everything that happened during the first four seasons, and Michael’s supposed death, she is now a mother. And her child has become the center of his universe. At some point, she met a man, who was willing to take what she had left.And now that Michael is revealed to be alive and Sara wants to go look for him, her new relationship is in danger.


C-Note has gone on a journey, and found a way to make himself happy again. It has been a huge change for C-Note. C-Note now has ties in the middle-east, and Lincoln asks him to help him find Michael in Jemen.

T-Bag is struggling not to be the person he once was. He is also the one that’s been reached out about Michael being alive. He is said to be more mature, funnier and crazier.


If you can’t wait until tomorrow, Prison Break’s Youtube channel has a lot of videos to build the hype!


Season 5 will have 9 episodes, with new episodes airing every Tuesday starting April 4th! Many beloved actors/characters return with Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield, Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows, Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara Tancredi-Scofield, Robert Knepper as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell, Amaury Nolaso as Fernando Sucre, Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin and Paul Adelstein as Paul Kellerman.


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