Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Review


So, Prison Break is finally back after 7 years. And I have to admit that I’m surprised about what I’m going to say next. Prison Break came back as good as ever, maybe even better in some ways. If it isn’t obvious, this will contain spoilers for the first episode.

I absolutely loved Ogygia! Linc’s reunion with T-Bag was absolutely perfect, it was everything you would except from the two. Even though we all knew that Michael was alive, the episode did really good job at making us question that.

The episode also delivered few surprises, Linc hasn’t delivered on Michael’s last wish that his son wouldn’t live without knowing that his uncle is close by. In fact it seems that Linc hasn’t seen Mike or Sara in few years. Also, it was nice to see Linc going back to his low-level crook roots. And we saw the more emotional side of him while he was visiting Michael’s grave, something we didn’t see that much in the earlier seasons.

There were the usual Prison Break-twists with someone trying to kill Linc and Sara in the States. And right after Linc and C-Note arrived to Jemen, there was already someone trying to kill them. And both of these thing were executed really well.

T-Bag was exactly what you would expect T-Bag to be. He still has the same charisma that made us fall in love with him in the first time. Even though he didn’t kill anyone this time (not yet at least), he went pretty hard on that doctor after the surgery.

As for Sucre, I was little disappointed of how small role he had in the first episode. Sucre was one of my favorite characters in the first four seasons, and I would have wanted to see more of him.

My biggest disappointment for Ogygia is without a doubt the fact that we saw Michael already. Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael. He and Linc are the heart of the show. But since he’s been presumed dead for seven years, Linc should have taken longer to find him. I would have preferred not to see Michael in the first episode at all, and in second episode we would have seen him in prison, in his cell for example. But it should have been until episode three before Linc and C-Note find him. Luckily it wasn’t the happy reunion I was afraid it would be. Michael’s attitude was done really well. He didn’t seem happy to see Linc and he said that he isn’t Michael, but as he left he really seemed to struggle to cope with what he just did. Linc’s absolute confusion in the situation made it even better.

Which brings us nicely to my next point. Did Michael fake his own death? Did someone else fake his death and someone has been keeping him prisoner for all these years? Is Michael in the prison willingly? As Sucre said, Michael has always been in control of the situation, so it’s highly unlikely that someone would manage to outsmart him and send him to prison in Jemen. But then again, if Michael really did fake his death, how did he end up in prison and why he needs to pretend to be someone else?

I really enjoyed the first episode and it got me hooked right back in the series from the first minutes. All the questions it left, were done in exactly the right way, with no one having any idea what happened to Michael, but at the same time it is clear that something has happened to him.

I would rate the episode 9/10.

Remember to check this page again on next Wednesday for the review of episode 2!


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