Wonder Woman Director Reveals Why Ares Is The Main Villain


Patty Jenkins, the director of this year’s Wonder Woman recently talked to ComicBook about few things in the Diana Prince’s first live-action solo movie.

She assured that Ares is the main villain for a good reason, and that a good antagonist was (obviously) an important thing to have in the movie.

“I mean I think he’s the biggest villain of Wonder Woman’s world, and so I think if you’re going to start off big, start off right with the greatest villain.”

She also said that she wanted the movie have somewhat of a Indiana Jones and Superman I type of feel. Jenkins has noted that DCEU has had a lot of critique about films not being funny, and that many have felt that the films have been too dark.

“I think there’s funny things in both of those films but we definitely went for making a funny film. I was always basing it on Superman I and on Indiana Jones. I wanted to make a classic film where you’re laughing and you’re in love with them and then they’re off on a fun great adventure. It’s definitely in the pursuit of our film.”

When asked about how much viewers need to know about Wonder Woman before seeing the movie. And she responded “zero.” And continued with “there are things here and there but it’s a stand-alone movie. It should succeed to people who have seen Batman v Superman or not seen anything.”

I have personally enjoyed the dark, gritty stories without too much funny moments. But of course a change of pace can be a good thing, and I feel like Wonder Woman would be the right movie to make a bit more funnier. This is not necessary saying that the movie won’t be dark, there will just be more funny moments to make it more enjoyable.

Wonder Woman will hit theaters on June 2nd 2017. The cast includes Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Samantha Nielsen, Connie Nielsen and Emilia Clarey as young Diana.

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