Prison Break Season 5 Episode 2 “Kaniel Outis” Review


Holy fuck… I can’t wrap my head around how awesome the new season is!! My expectations weren’t too high considering the fact that series don’t usually come back better after many years. But damn the new season is even better than the earlier ones!!

Spoilers (obviously)

I will give you a recap of the episode with some comments mixed in there, and the I will shortly give my overall opinion about the episode. I got a lot to say about the episode, but I’ll try not to make this too long.

Let’s start with Michael. He’s still the same cryptic, always in control type of person. Nothing seems to get to him, even after everything he’s been through. He had a plan to break out and when it didn’t work, he was just like “ok fine we’ll move on to the next plan.” There is no other character in any series who is capable of that and Wentworth Miller is still perfect for the role! But Michael has also changed in many ways: there is a certain darkness in his bearing and he goes to even further extremes (he burns himself to get pills for his cellmate, knowing that the guards will beat him up). We also got more on what has happened to Michael in the past 7 years. He supposedly killed the director of CIA and he’s said to have smuggled weapons to ISIS. This raises the questions did he really do it and if so, why? Also in the final scene he meets with ISIS leader Abu Ramal, hugs him, calls him brother and overall seems happy to see him. He also promises to break Ramal out, is he really going through with it? And again, if so, why?

On to Sheba. Sheba is in my opinion the most interesting new character so far. Her motives seem clear (she wants to help/save the country from the terrorists, but doesn’t want to die in the process), but she’s pretty much in odds with everyone during the episode. With her father about leaving the country. With Linc because she thinks (or knows?) that Michael is a terrorist, and she couldn’t care less if he were to die in prison. And then there is her “ISIS-friend”, and she feared that he would kill her (I want to know why!!).But in the end of the episode after Linc saved her, the girls and the sheik of light from ISIS, she gave a quick smile to Linc; was she warming up to him or was she just happy to be alive?

As for Linc, there is not much new to say. He’s still a fucking badass! He bet 500$ that they would come out from ISIS territory alive, even if the other guy didn’t have money to pay him. The way he knocked that ISIS guy out in the car was just classic Lincoln Burrows. That car chase scene was one of the best action sequences in the series!

It was really interesting to see Sara struggling to cope with the fact that Michael is still alive. Sarah Wayne Calles sold her emotional struggle during the episode perfectly! Her reunion with Paul Kellerman was awesome too! The way she reacted seeing him again was exactly what you would expect with their history. She didn’t even want to hear when Kellerman suggested that Michael could have faked his death, even though that is certainly a possibility. When she talked to her husband about Michael being alive, he was like “nah he’s evil, he manipulated you, he may have loved you but he used you, he’s insane”. Even though I see where he’s coming from, I wanted to kill the bastard! The final moments with Sara were some one the best moments in the episode. When she doesn’t find Mike, she panics because her husband was just shot and now she fears that someone is coming for her son too. And when she finds him, he holds in his hand an origami-rose (ah, nostalgia) delivered by the pizza-man (whom Michael ordered from prison in Jemen!)

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Now fully to my opinions about the episode. I’ll go with a list of things.
-There is still the same classic Prison Break mystery/crypticness. With many unanswered questions that leave fans counting minutes to the next episode.
-The stakes are truly higher than ever, and Jemen in general (and the prison even more so) is truly worse than Fox River and Sona combined.
-The actors still sell their performances perfectly.
-Michael’s storyline is even better than before. And his character is even more intriguing than ever. He’s always in control, always has a plan and he’s never afraid, or at least he never shows it.
-Sheba is solid gold.
-Classic Linc is always fun to see.
-The way the “Sheik of Light” was made connected to Michael’s gay cellmate (couldn’t remember his name). Once again, there is no “secondary plotline” and everything is connected to everthing.
-“I want to order a pizza” I laughed so fucking hard!!
-The way the show tackles today’s “issues” such as the difference between Islam and terrorism. C-Note is a muslim, but certainly not a terrorist. I think that Sheba could also be a muslim and she says to the ISIS-person who stops them that she has found god, but not his god. Another thing was when Michael’s cellmate told him that he’s been locked up there because he’s a homosexual, and Michael gives him the look that says “what the fuck, there is nothing wrong with that, you don’t deserve to be here”. It clearly shows that the show has no issue making a statement about racism, that there is nothing wrong with Islam or homosexuality, for example.

-Only “negative” thing about this episode was that I would have wanted to see T-Bag and Sucre again, but hopefully we’ll see them again as the season continues.

I honestly think that this season is even better than the first four seasons. This episode was phenomenal. I would rate the episode 10/10!


This is what it feels like to wait a whole week for episode 3


One thought on “Prison Break Season 5 Episode 2 “Kaniel Outis” Review

  1. This episode had me off my seat!!!!.It’s true when Wentworth said in his interview “Expect the unexpected” I love them all these actors and producers are the best.❤❤❤


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