The Iron Bank Of Braavos Will Return To Game Of Thrones


The Iron Bank of Braavos with Gatiss’ Tycho Nestoriss in the middle

We haven’t seen much of them, but the Iron Bank of Braavos is clearly a huge part of the world of Game of Thrones. We know that the crown owed a LOT of money to them back in season 1, and we haven’t seen anything to hint that things would have changed. The Iron Bank also financially supported Stannis Baratheon’s claim to the throne, maybe hoping that Stannis might actually give them their money back. But outside of these, we haven’t seen the Iron Bank. But it still feels like the Iron Bank is one of the most important parts of Westeros.

When asked about possible return to GoT, during an interview with Express, Marc Gatiss, the actor who plays banker Tycho Nestoris said:

“Yes, I did it in Belfast last year. I can’t tell you anything more obviously, mostly because I don’t know anything.”

“It was lovely. What I love about it is that I don’t have any stake in it.”

“I honestly don’t know the ins and outs. People ask me this, that and the other, I haven’t got a clue. I’ve done four episodes now and there’s two more they think. It’s a huge saga and I don’t know and I rather like that. But I’ve had a lovely time.”

“The last scene I’m in with – I probably can’t say because it would be a spoiler, wouldn’t it?”

Since Gatiss confirmed that he will return to the show, it is pretty certain that we will see the Iron Bank too.

We’ve seen the Iron Bank aiding other people in their claims to the throne before, so could the Braavosi bank be helping Daenerys in her quest to retake the throne that her ancestors built?


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