Is The “Jedi” In “The Last Jedi” Singular Or Plural, According To Rian Johnson


Ever since the title for Star Wars Episode VIII was announced, the fans have been debating on if The Last Jedi is singular or plural. After the title was translated to different languages, it appeared to be plural. But now the director Rian Johnson has revealed in an interview with Good Morning America, which one it is.

It’s singular.

Johnson said “It’s so funny, when people started asking that when the title was announced, because I had never even pondered that question. That seems like, to me, the most … Uninteresting, I guess? Look, in my mind, it’s singular.”

He then added that “I mean they say in The Force Awakens, that he’s going to find the last Jedi temple, and Luke’s the last Jedi…”

What does this mean? Is Luke really training Rey to become something else than a Jedi? Or does he intend Rey to be the last Jedi? Or is it just referring to Luke’s current status as the last Jedi in the Galaxy?


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