Assassin’s Creed Empire Accidentally Confirmed On Twitter?


We finally could have some news on Assassin’s Creed Empire.


An audio composer David Ban posted a picture on Twitter. The picture is taken from some kind of a studio. He wrote “Voice over studio recording of the next Assassin’s Creed game, Empire! I can’t show you anything more!”

This doesn’t really tell much, it doesn’t give us anything new. But it’s finally at least some kind of semi-official news about AC Empire. And it confirms the name “Empire”.

Then again, Ban could be just trolling us just as many others before.

But he has now deleted the tweet. Maybe Ubisoft could have been like “hey asshole you can’t fucking tweet that yet!! we haven’t announced the fucking game yet!!” Maybe…? Or he realized by himself that he shouldn’t have tweeted that. But in any case, the fact that he deleted the tweet shortly after gives it a bit more credibility.

Or he just took the troll further by deleting his tweet and leaving us speculating about what does it mean..

C’moon Ubisoft.. so many leaks.. announce the game already or tell us that the leaks are fake!!! DO SOMETHING UBISOFT!


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