Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 “The Liar” Review


I know, I’m really late for this one and I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve just been too busy to write and keep up with shows recently. I’ll try to catch up at least an episode per day with Prison Break.

But aren’t Michael and co screwed at the moment. Feels like everything went to shit during the episode, but it didn’t stop it from being another amazing episode.

I’ll go to the episode itself in a bit, but there is one issue I need to address: WHERE THE FUCK IS SUCRE?!? WE NEED SUCRE!!

Now for the episode itself. It was once again full of amazing moments and twists. T-Bag is still my second-favorite character (after Michael, obviously) every moment he’s on the screen. There is something about Knepper’s performance and T-Bag’s personality that I absolutely love…. how twisted I am if I love T-Bag? It’s amazing how Knepper manages to bring so much to the character after 4 seasons and over ten years, he was born to play the part!

That nicely brings us to Bagwell’s reunion with Sara. This was the best reunion so far! She was shocked, terrified and yet relieved in some level at the same time. And T-Bag was as charmingly creepy as always.

And as for Sara in general.. boy she’s gone through a lot, hasn’t she? She was terrified already when she went to hospital, and it certainly didn’t help when her phone was hacked and those two people started following her. But she proved again that she’s one of the most resourceful characters on the show, when she lost those two.

And while on that topic: what did those two want? Who or what the fuck is Poseidon and what does he want? Kellerman hacked Sara’s phone, so is he Poseidon? Or is he part of an organisation called Poseidon? Does Kellerman work for a guy called Poseidon? SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS POSEIDON?!? Michael revealed that he worked for the U.S. government, so is Poseidon name of the government organisation he worked for? Or was Poseidon the one who screwed Michael over?

Ok enough questions for now, more will come later. I want to quickly address something I feel might happen. I somehow have a feeling that there is some kind of romance developing between Linc and Sheba. I don’t know why, but I just have a feeling.

Linc wasn’t really at his best in the episode. But even if he didn’t contribute much, it’s always nice to see him doing something badass; like escaping from captivity and beating Sheba’s friend up! And we finally got some details on Sheba’s relationship with her “friend”. Sheba actually popped one of his eyes! How awesome that is?! Ok he raped her, so a bit less cool. But still… she’s so badass!

Now back to Michael.. turns out that the identity Kaniel Outis was made up by Michael and Whip to get him to prison. This gave me such a peace of mind to know that Michael is still one of the good guys! And he proved the latter along with the fact that he’s really not afraid of anything of anything when he intervened when his friend was about to be killed for being gay. Also, one of the best moments in the show are when Michael completely outsmarts everyone. Like who gets and idea to fly paper planes to kids from prison so that they can deliver them to his friends! Turns out that Michael doesn’t want to break Ramal out and this gave us another Michael Scofield brilliant moment when he stole the guard’s watch and planted it on Ramal. That kind of things are why I love Michael so much! Another proof that Michael is still one of the good guys was the despair on his face when he had to leave Sid behind. Even though Michael’s plans did end poorly and they were captured before they could escape.

This was truly another phenomenal episode and the season still seems the best one yet! There are so many questions… what the fuck is Poseidon? What’s the eye tattoo on Michael’s hand and why he keeps looking at it? Why did the U.S government want Michael to break Ramal out? Who else have Michael and Whip broken out and from where? I can’t wait to watch the next episode tomorrow! The storyline is just too addicting once again!

I’d give the episode rating of 9/10!



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