Prison Break Season 5 Episode 5 “Contingency” Review

This episode gave us many answers we’ve wanted since the beginning of the season.

Let’s get the most important one out of the way. Turns out Kellerman didn’t have the authority to release Michael and co back in season 4. This is where Poseidon came in. He contacted Michael and told him to fake his death and help Poseidon to release prisoners around the world. When Michael didn’t agree Poseidon had Sara locked up and beaten, which we saw back in season 4. So Michael didn’t volunteer to abandon his family and fake his death. Michael has also gone by many names during the past seven years, Kaniel Outis is just the latest.

There are many conflicts and confusions around the episode.  Sara is scared shitless after Ness is revealed to be Poseidon.  Sheba’s “friend” struggles to have an impact within the rebels. And Ness is trying to prove to Sara that he’s not Poseidon. I’m still convinced that Ness is Poseidon, he could have easily recruited the IT guy to work and lie for him. And the two attackers’ faces looked like they knew that they were doing “the right thing” while they were in the line to be identified by Sara.

Ja and Sid are both ready to give up and die. Whip is confused about who Michael is after he learns Michael’s real name and that he has a brother. Linc is angry at Michael for faking his death and being gone for seven years and Michael is feeling the weight of his actions over the years. Linc has trouble trusting Michael after seven years. And Michael on the other hand, seems to be having trouble trusting anyone but himself after all these years. Eventually they learn to trust each other again after that beautiful scene in the basement. And Linc goes full-on badass again, this time with a pipe. But then he’s stopped by another badass moment when Ja brilliantly burns the rebels with a decoy and alcohol!

In the end of the episode, Sara appears to have believed Ness’ lies and she appears to be trusting him again. Sid is killed by Sheba’s “friend”. Even though C-Note wanted to wait for the brothers, he and Sheba are forced to leave the country and to leave the brothers, Whip and Ja behind.

There are still few major questions I need answers to. Who else has Michael broken out before he was sent to Ogygia? Is Ness really Poseidon? AND WHERE THE HELL IS SUCRE? I NEED SUCRE!

Overall Contingency was another phenomenal episode filled with emotions, twists, action and mystery. I’ll give the episode the same rating as the previous episode: 9,5/10! This truly is the best season so far in my opinion!



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