Prison Break Season 5 Episode 6 “Phaecia” Review


I’m finally caught up with the series and my reviews are finally relevant, as you haven’t seen the episode three weeks ago!

I’m gonna start out by saying that I was extremely disappointed after watching the episode, I expected more.

With that being said there were good moments too. Right at the beginning, my thoughts were proven true. Poseidon’s “henchmen” were released on bail, so they were probably instructed by Poseidon to get caught. This makes me even more convinced that Ness is Poseidon. Even though it was later hinted that Kishida (Kellerman’s replacement) would be Poseidon, I think he’s just another high ranking official working for Ness/Poseidon. Poseidon’s men later use another agency to find Michael and try to kill him, by giving his location to the rebels. Tricia figures this out and kicks them out, which leaves them in trouble with finding a way to kill Michael.

In Jemen, it’s obvious that Michael is out of his comfort-zone when he’s forced to improvise. They are betrayed by Omar but they later force him to take them to Phaecia. As they stop to fill the tanks, Michael wants to get out from under Poseidon’s thumb and calls someone via internet. Michael asks him to take a screencapture of him showing his tattoos. Meanwhile it’s made obvious that Ja and Whip are starting to feel happy about being out of prison. Whip is revealed to be even more deadly than we already knew, taking out the rebels with one shot. But Omar dies, so they are in the middle of a desert without a map. This is when Ja shows how smart he is when his head is clear and he finds a way to Phaecia. But Michael is forced to leave behind and take care of Sheba’s “friend”. Michael eventually outsmarts him brilliantly and takes his only remaining eye with a screwdriver, but gets stabbed and poisoned in the process. When Michael finally makes his way to Phaecia, he’s dying and needs a doctor but the nearest doctor is back in Sanaa.

There were again few questions after the episode: are they going back to Sanaa to find a doctor for Michael or are they going to find another way to save him? Who is Poseidon: Ness, Kishida or someone else? I bet it’s Ness. Who was the guy Michael called? Why did Michael want a screencapture of his tattoos? What do the tattoos mean this time?

It wasn’t a bad episode. It had great action and some mystery. But I feel like many scenes were too long in the episode, the desert drive for example. The story didn’t progress as much as I had hoped when I read the synopsis. It felt like a long drive for some parts. And it didn’t tell the story from as many point-of-views as were used to with Prison Break. It was a decent episode, but it wasn’t the guaranteed Prison Break quality we’re all used to. The actors did a really good job again, but the plot just felt lacking somehow. But I’d still give it a rating of 7/10.



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