Prison Break Season 5 Episode 7 “Wine Dark Sea” Review


After last week’s disappointment, this episode brought the series back to the level it belongs! We got emotional reunions, great reveals and thrill! AND SUCRE IS FINALLY BACK!!!!!

Let’s start with one sad goodbye. Ja decided that he wants to stay in Phaecia. Ja had just started to show how great character he is, and we already have to say goodbye to him.

Even though I was disappointed at how little we saw of Sucre back in the first episode, I have to admit that they did a great job at re-introducing him in this episode. His reunion with Michael was just as good as you’d expect it to be. (Also, Sucre is selling sex dolls.)

Despite their earlier difficulties, Linc and Whip started to really bond during the episode. With Linc saying that Whip is family now.

We also finally got a little look at what Mike jr is like. He’s as brilliant as his father, but he’s also somewhat damaged and dark (like his father). This was shown really well during the scene where he was drawing a wounded Greek hero.

Michael was in really bad shape at the beginning of the episode. This led to Linc calling Sara for help, despite Michael didn’t really like to involve her in everything again. From this followed Jacob’s resistance to Sara leaving to help Michael. Jacob even went as far as trying to deny her from going.

When Sara finally arrived to Crete, we got the most emotional reunion so far. Michael’s reunion with Sara was just something else! Sara first saved his life and Michael wanted to see a picture of his son immediately. They shared another emotional scene when Sara was leaving. BUT WE GOT A BIG REVEAL DURING THEIR REUNION:


I told you so.

Turns out that Jacob betrayed Michael four years ago, because Jacob wanted Sara for himself. And as long as Michael had even a small chance of returning home, he was a threat to that.  Jacob framed Michael for killing the assistant director of CIA, and when Michael realized that he’s not working for the CIA, he started to plan a way to defeat Jacob. His new tattoo’s apparently have something to do with his plan, but we don’t know what.

At the end of the episode Jacob tried to kill Michael and co. two times, failing both. But they had to jump out of the ship to the sea and I bet they are going to have some trouble reaching the land. When Sara confronted Jacob about him being Poseidon, Jacob had Mike jr and Heather kidnapped, and threatened to hurt them if Sara does something. Jacob also said that he truly loved Sara and her son, and he considers them family.

I still have one big question: What do Michael’s new tattoos mean and how they are connected to his plan to stop Jacob??

Overall the episode was great. It had a lot of emotion, thrill, reveals, mystery and that classic Prison Break feel to it. I’ll give the episode a rating of 9,5/10! Can’t wait for episode 8!



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