Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8 “Progeny” Review

I feel like there was one big theme for this episode: like a father, like a son. But I’ll get into more details about that later.

We got some reveals about what has happened between seasons 4 and 5. And I feel like they were done quite well. Michael clearly wasn’t happy to work under Jacob, and he had to break out a psychopath from a prison in Myanmar. This is where Whip came in. Michael hired him, because it was a “two-man gig”. Michael had also tried to send messages to Sara all the time, but unfortunately Jacob had thrown them to a sewer. So, even though Jacob told Michael that he could never see Sara again, it didn’t stop him from trying to contact her.

The first part of that father and son thing was when Mike jr was drawing a pirate-ship, which was a brilliantly complex treasure map leading to legos he had hidden for his friend. Does this bring anyone to your mind?

And the second thing that sort of ties into this: Linc revealed that he used to work for Luca Abruzzi. Does that sound familiar? It’s John Abruzzi’s son! And Linc threw one of his shipments to sea or something, and now owes him 100000$ for that. Linc also revealed that he married Sofia. And after Sara left Panama, Linc and Sofia opened a scuba shop. But after they divorced, Linc went back to his old ways and worked as a courier for Luca Abruzzi.

The third part was another brilliantly executed huge reveal. Whip had gone on to Chicago to find out why he’s Michael’s “whip-hand”. He meets T-Bag, who first reveals that Whip’s real name is Dave Martin. Then they grab each other’s throats and T-Bag starts to tell a story about some waitress from a year 1991 and reveals that Whip is his son!!! The writing and acting in this scene was absolutely perfect.

And as we’re on the subject of T-Bag, he’s clearly struggling to not to be the man he once was. He got a letter from Michael, asking him to kill someone (I actually first thought that he was supposed to kill Whip, when they met in the docks). And T-Bag is clearly conflicted about the request. Who does Michael want him to kill, why and when? Is he going to do it?

Now there is one thing I was disappointed at. We got small reveals about Michael’s tattoos. They contain a lot of Arabian words and phrases, but among them are addresses to a couple of chat rooms containing images of Gaines’ murder. The images apparently hide something, a code or something. But I had hoped that the tattoo’s would have more meaning and mystery to them. Now, we don’t know yet the full story of the tattoos, but this part disappointed me. As did the fact that it was revealed by Jacob and co. and not by Michael.

We saw an amazing battle of wits between Michael and Jacob near to the end of the episode. This was my favorite scene of the season, so far. We saw from Jacob’s perspective as he was trying to outsmart Michael, but Michael was always one step ahead of him. The scene brilliantly showcased Michael’s brilliance without even showing Michael during the scene.

Few characters said their goodbyes again. C-Note left to be with his family, as Michael didn’t want to put him in danger. And Sheba left because Linc didn’t want to endanger her. We also got a goodbye-kiss shared between Linc and Sheba.. something is going to happen between them.

At the end of the episode Michael and Linc arrive to the lake house where Jacob is keeping Mike jr (and Sara?). Luca and his friends found Linc and did a drive-by shooting on him. Linc’s hand was bloody, but we didn’t see how badly he was injured. Michael met Mike for the first time. Surprisingly Mike recognized his father, but it was revealed that Jacob had lured Michael there by faking a drawing that Michael thought was Mike’s. A&W was disguised as Sara, and got to surprise Michael. The episode ended with someone being shot and blood spattering on a wall, but who was it?

I have a feeling that Linc wasn’t injured badly and made it into the house and shot A&W. Or that Sara was inside and had found a gun and shot her. But I fear that it could be Sara who was shot. It couldn’t be Mike, because of how high the splatter was. It could be Michael or Linc, but I highly doubt it. It’s most likely either A&W or Sara. It could even be that Van Gogh shot A&W, as he was ready to quit earlier and A&W told her that there is no quitting the 21 Void. On the other hand, if it would be Sara, Jacob’s plan would backfire massively as he truly loved Sara and wanted Michael out of the way so that he could be with her.

Overall it was a great episode, not the best that Prison Break has to offer, but still great. It had intense scenes, emotion, twists, reveals, clear theme, shocking moments and the most terrible cliffhanger ever (in a good way). I was disappointed to the scene where they gave some reveals about Michael’s tattoos , but I’m hoping that they reveal more and do it in the right way in the final episode. Only one more episode to go! I can’t wait for the finale! I’ll give Progeny a rating of 8,5/10.



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