Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9 “Behind The Eyes” Review


Wow. Just wow. What a finale. What a season.

I don’t even know where to start. I was at the edge of my seat the entire episode, I’ll probably watch it again tomorrow.

T-Bag had an amazing episode and Robert Knepper did a phenomenal job delivering all of Teddy’s different emotions during the finale. T-Bag was most of all, happy to have a son, even though neither of them knew how to adapt to them meeting each other. T-Bag also found out why Michael contacted him. There were two reasons, “Jacob would never think that Michael would contact a person he despises” (by the way, I loved the way T-Bag reacted to this!) and Michael needed him to kill Jacob. Eventually Whip died by the hand of A&W. This was the moment where Knepper shined the most. As he was showing love, grief, anger and shock at the same time, he was shocked about what just happened and grieved for him already at the same time, and then he brutally without even seeming to feel anything, snapped A&W’s neck for revenge.

Linc was the usual Linc. Nothing spectacular, but the solid Lincoln Burrows. He forcefully left from the hospital after recovering from his injuries, I wish we would’ve seen it on screen. He dealt with Luca in a very un-Linc kind of way, he called the DEA to his warehouse to arrest him. And then he knocked Nelson out and had CIA to arrest him.

I was hoping for more Sara in the finale, all (meaningful) we really got was her getting the location of Mike from Van Gogh and playing a part in getting Mike back from Jacob.

Michael and Jacob were playing brilliantly executed battle of wits the whole episode. Jacob played Michael in the beginning to get him inside the house. I was disappointed at how Michael’s tattoos’ meaning were revealed, but the meaning was brilliant. It was a quote from Napoleon himself, “never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.” At least it was revealed at the right time, when Michael lured Jacob to the Zoo, as Michael was on his way to Jacob’s secret office to leave drops of Gaines’ blood in there (the jar of blood that Whip got in last episode had Gaines’ blood inside it). Michael also stole Jacob’s hard drives as bargaining chips to trade for Mike. But earlier Jacob had brainwashed Mike to think that Michael was really Kaniel Outis and wanted to hurt Mike, and that Sara was dead. Wentworth Miller delivered brilliantly the devastation of Michael hearing his son saying “stay away from my dad (Jacob)”. As Michael sets a meeting with Jacob, another brilliant battle of minds begins. Both have many contingencies, both have an escape plan. Jacob called the FBI, but Michael ran towards a staged set that his “wild card” (some guy he released from South American prison) built. He re-created the set of Gaines’ murder and wore his jacket as Jacob shot him in the back (with a gun filled with blanks that Michael wanted him to take him earlier), and Michael had a camera taking pictures all the time as it looked like Jacob had just shot Gaines’ in the back in front of the cabin. Michael’s wild card drives away as Michael and Jacob jump out of the truck where the set is and get into a fist fight. Michael eventually wins and gives Jacob a beating for everything he’s done. Even though I would have liked to see Michael killing him in his anger, the fate Jacob got was even worse. FBI then arrests Michael (or Kaniel Outis, as they know him) and CIA comes to arrest Jacob. It is revealed that Michael sent evidence of Jacob killing Gaines to the CIA. Michael is then interrogated by the director of the CIA . The director first seems that he doesn’t believe Michael, but then reveals that Nelson had already revealed everything. He then addresses Michael as “Mr. Scofield” which clearly means a lot to Michael, to be called Scofield again. He is offered a job by CIA, but he declines and asks for a favor.

At the end of the episode we see Michael, Linc, Sara, Sheba and Mike in some kind of a garden, on a picnic or something, living a “normal life”. The brothers exchange I love you’s and the girls seem to be having fun. Everything seems to be normal for once.

The last scene we saw was Jacob getting locked up in Fox River. He is confident at  first to be out in no time. But then it is revealed that T-Bag is his cellmate (could this be the favor Michael asked from CIA). And judging by his screams, I’d say he’s being tortured quite badly by T-Bag as a revenge for killing Whip.

All and all, this was a fucking phenomenal episode. If this is truly the last ever episode, Prison Break ended with a bang. The actors did once again a phenomenal job. The story was written almost perfectly. The were no shortage of action, emotion, twists or anything. The battle of brains between Michael and Jacob were one of my favorite parts of Prison Break, ever. It was great to see Michael go against another brilliant mind and brilliantly to come out on top. T-Bag had his best episode of the season. I was disappointed that Michael’s wild card wasn’t anyone meaningful to the earlier story, but that’s just a small thing. It would be a perfect ending for the series, but I know I need season 6! MAKE IT HAPPEN FOX!!! I’ll give the episode a full 10/10 rating! It kept me exited the whole time, and I couldn’t look to other direction at any point. There were some poetic beauty that Jacob was sent to Fox River and that his cellmate is none other than T-Bag. Also, how great it is that the series ended to the place where we spent the whole first season. I’d still want T-Bag to be free, but at least he gets his revenge on Jacob

I have a full season review and “how Prison Break could continue to season 6” planned to write in the future.



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