Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Telltale Series Episode 2 Review


I’m going to start off by telling the important choices I made, since you’ve probably experienced a somewhat different story if you made different choices.

At first I decided that it is more important to go and find Nebula, that to help Rocket try to revive his girl. But after Rocket stole Yondu’s ship and went on with his “mission” alone, I decided that Nebula can go fuck herself, Rocket is more important. I carried Lylla out of the facility, risking Rocket’s life. I told Gamora to get out while talking to Nebula. I suggested that Drax will talk to Gamora, as he wanted to find purpose. I thought it to be better to have Drax to guard Nebula for two reasons: I wanted Drax to feel important again, and after seeing how things were between Nebula and Gamora, there would be no telling how things would turn out if they were alone. I told Rocket to let go of the wrist-computer and move on. And finally I frees Nebula to have her fighting by our side against the Kree.

Now to what I thought of the episode. I’ll start by saying something that I forgot to mention in the first episode: the voice actor’s are doing a fantastic job with their characters, they really bring out all the different emotions in each character’s lines.

It was an awesome thing to see Peter’s vision being the same memory we saw in the first episode, but they added a twist and made it different in many ways to keep it interesting.

I said after the first episode that I wanted a chance to get to play as other characters outside of combat situations and this episode gave us just that. It was nice to get a chance to play as Rocket for almost one chapter. I had hoped that it would be something else than a flashback, but I’ll settle for this. I’m hoping that we get to play as Drax and Gamora in the future episodes too.

As I still haven’t read Marvel’s comics, I still don’t know if the Eternity Forge is a thing in the Marvel universe. But they have managed to keep it interesting with an amazing storyline. And they added to that by having the characters (so far only Peter and Rocket, but I’m sure that other characters will be in the same situation later) to try and use the Eternity Forge to bring back someone they loved. I mean, it’s just something that everyone would do if they got a hold of such a relic.

There were obviously no changes to the core-mechanics of the game, but I felt that the combat was a bit better this time. Maybe it was because you only had max two character’s to use in the combat situations this time. It felt better, less messy would be the right word, I suppose.

Again, I had only one problem with this episode. Different one this time! And if it’s done correctly in the future, it won’t be a problem. But these “shared visions” between two characters via the Eternity Forge. This worked in Rocket’s case. But there was really no reason for Yondu to see Peter’s vision. It didn’t add anything to the story, no-one benefits from it. There’s just no point in it. It felt just like “hey look, this cool relic can do this cool shit too!” Again, in Rocket’s case it was a good decision and it was done well in that case. I just hope that they are not going to over-use it by having shared visions between characters all the time. Or that when they do make these, they make it the way that there’s a reason for it.

Overall this was another great episode. There weren’t any big issues, story was great, gameplay was good. I’ll give the episode a rating of 8,5/10! Can’t wait for the next episode after that cliffhanger in the end!



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