The Biggest Assassin’s Creed: Origins Leak Yet! Combat, Eagle Vision, Controls And More!


Ok, so I’ve taken a bit of a break from covering Assassin’s Creed leaks since there is a new leak at least five times a week, and I just got bored of them. But now we have the biggest leak yet! And as it seems like a reliable leak, I decided that this one is indeed worth of my time.

So, as you probably know already the game will apparently be called Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the main character’s name is Bayek, he has a pet eagle and so on. You know this already from other sources covering the leaks.

But now someone has leaked photos of an upcoming GameInformer magazine giving us a shitload of new details about AC: Origins.

First the article confirms that they have indeed been working on the game from months before Unity was released.

Then we get some details about the actual gameplay. There is no mini-map this time, instead there will be a Elder Scrolls-esque compass to help you to navigate. The horses will also make a return and Bayek will be able to ride horses without those fucking wagons that were in Syndicate. You can also call horses to you, similar to what you could do in Brotherhood. Apparently there will be no sprint button and the speed you’re running at is determined by the length you push your analog stick (how the fuck is this going to work for the PC players who don’t have controllers?). Crouch feature returns from past two games. Eagle vision is used by pressing the left stick and you won’t be able to see trough walls and tag enemies anymore. In fact, Eagle vision doesn’t even highlight enemies anymore, it just highlights objects of interest (then again it could be that you’re able to improve your Eagle vision from the skill tree again).  Apparently the eagle’s name is Senu and Bayek forms a symbiotic relationship with the eagle early in the game, this will also give us some explanation about why the Assassin’s are always associated with eagles. You can use the eagle to scour the surrounding area by pressing up on your d-pad. You can also press LT/L2 to have the eagle hover in place to get a better look at what’s going on around you. NPC’s now follow a day/night-cycle with their working, eating, sleeping etc.

Combat controls have also been altered a lot. For example X/square is now dodge, attacks are now used with RB/R1 and RT/R2 and you use LB/L1 to lock on enemies. Enemies no longer wait for their turn in combat, instead they can attack you at the same time, making the combat significantly more challenging. There are a lot of different weapon types for you to choose from, with each of them having their own unique features. Weapons feature such as swords, spears, bows and more.

You can sail in ships/boats and you can loot sunken ships for treasures. You have a lot of room to customize Bayek’s clothes and appearance, but the changes are now fully cosmetic and won’t affect your stats. Instead you can now increase Bayek’s stats by the new gear system and crafting. You can improve your hidden blades, bracers, breastplates, stabilizers and pouches via crafting.  Tombs/puzzles will also make a return.

There will be a skill tree/graph with many different skills to choose from, but if you decide that you want some specific skill asap, you will be able to get that one skill quite quickly. And you will have multiple ways to reach the skill you want in the graph.

There weren’t many spoilers in then article but I’ll include one in the end so stop reading if you wish to remain spoiler free. No wait, stop reading after looking at this amazing box art.


Bayek is in fact the man who will eventually form the Assassin brotherhood and it’s rituals and traditions



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